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  1. a Moon

    pink spider alliance is looking for a new member

    Hello. pink spider alliance is looking for 2 new members who can fly over 80k(80,000) per week. We usually are on Top 20 every week. No alliance task is required. Anyone who is interested leave a message.
  2. a Moon

    Looking for Neighbors

    Hi! I am looking for new neighbors. I have lost all my neighbors a week ago.. and my game for several days.. After a dispute with Gi support team they said they can't recover my neighbors.. So I am searching for new neighbors. I have started the forum recently. I believe some forum members...
  3. a Moon

    iOS Lost my Game...

    Hi. I have a big problem. Can anybody help?.. I have an iphone and a ipad which has a seperate apple ID for 2 game account. I logged out ipads apple id and game center then i logged in with the iphones apple id and game center. The iphones account has came into the ipad with no problem.(i...
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