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  1. CaroG

    Dragon Rising 2021 Award

    Done :)
  2. CaroG

    Ride the Comet 2021 Award

    Almost forgot to post, but event completed 😊
  3. CaroG

    Holiday Rush 2020 Award

    Done! Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄
  4. CaroG

    Windows Re-Connecting With Forum Members As Neighbours

    Would of course like to be your neighbour again :) send a FR to 031jlhu9x
  5. CaroG

    Thanksgiving Day 2020 Award

    Completed :)
  6. CaroG

    Airport City 2020 Award

    Event completed :)
  7. CaroG

    General Mo is finaly back but lost all neighbors

    Welcome back :) sent a FR to your new code!
  8. CaroG

    Dark Skies 2020 Award

    Wow, never finished this fast before 🤩 Thanks in advance for reward!
  9. CaroG

    Cinemania 2020 Award

    Finally done :)
  10. CaroG

    Could it be you joining top 20 rank alliance !

    Interested! Do you have any minimum on how many passengers to fly per week or how many tasks to complete?
  11. CaroG

    World of Wildlife 2020 Award

    Never thought I would finish this one, but suddenly a lot of frogs started to hop in from the zoo 🤩
  12. CaroG

    World of Wildlife - a fantastic event

    Same for me with the zoo! I almost never get any frog from the zoo, when I used the secret basement I got one frog during 6 hours 😂
  13. CaroG

    Back to School 2020 Award

    Done! Still have a lot of mini-game to play though 😅
  14. CaroG

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Easy with help from neighbours :)
  15. CaroG

    3QL Green Launch COMPLETED

    Sent you a FR from Pilot CG :)
  16. CaroG

    Space Planetarium Help

    Sent requests from Pilot CG to you @deepgreensea @kgmcguk1 @FlyingViking thanks in advance :)
  17. CaroG

    Valley of the Kings Curse 2020 Award

    Finally! Thanks in advance :)
  18. CaroG

    Age of Ash 2020 Award

    Event completed :) Thanks in advance!
  19. CaroG

    The Land of Opportunity 2020 Award

    Done ✅ thanks in advance!
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