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    Awarded 191 for Bungay Bill

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    Looking for an Alliance

    Looking for a new alliance. I am at level 50, 126 Stars, Reputation 18. I complete all my tasks each week and fly over 40,000 passengers. Hoping to get in one where there is communication on this site or via other means. Straighten up and fly right!!
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    Gathering Coins and Passengers

    Relatively new to the game and new to this website, -- Is there a more efficient way to gather coins and passengers than tapping each location?
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    Hello AC

    I am a new player just learning. At level 36 now and play daily. Current mix of planes can carry 2000 passengers. Have 1 helicopter an have Launched one rocket. Don't know if joining an Alliance is good or bad (or why i would) and not sure how to add Neighbors from this forum. Any...
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