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  1. Hangry_in_TX

    Green Launch GOP Current 900 of 1600 3&4 available

    Launch is open, any can join. My Game Name:- Hangry in TX My Friend Code:- 03wehl8mt
  2. Hangry_in_TX

    Age of Ash Strategy

    I meant to say spy glass........I flown over 130 flights to Elbrus, Fugi, Kilimanjaro and Etna (2 Owls, 1 Hawk, 1 Raven, and 1 Eagle).....still can't get the Visor Trying Spy Glass again........does speeding up decrease your chances?
  3. Hangry_in_TX

    Age of Ash Strategy

    Been flying nothing but Volcano routes (with a compass) and getting very few drops, that said....all I need is the Visor. Any recommendations?
  4. Hangry_in_TX

    Age of Ash Strategy

    The only way to get the volcanology institute is to fly the missions? right?
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