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  1. Tony

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Completed 😊
  2. Tony

    Valley of the Kings Curse 2020 Award

    Finished 😊
  3. Tony

    The Land of Opportunity 2020 Award

    Finally done it 👍
  4. Tony

    Alliance tasks

    I’m not stressing ........ Belize is another place I could go but I’ve only got one thunderbird ....... despite my level 80 I still keep 6 owls as I am trying to hoover up the last few stars from places you can’t always go like Ouagadougou for example which I am working on now ..... 1000 flights...
  5. Tony

    Alliance tasks

    I do my best for my alliance but 283 flights to Thailand? ...... so I change and it goes to 300 to Goa . Who is going to do that ? ....... Long since got the stars so I’d be just wasting a week travelling there all the time ....... probably still wouldn’t make it in time without using loads of...
  6. Tony

    The Great Game 2020 Award

    Me too ..... can never find where to post it
  7. Tony

    Adventure Quest completed

    Took my time but have been concentrating on stars
  8. Tony

    Awarded 150+ stars

    Well done 😊
  9. Tony

    Awarded 500 Stars 😊

    Finally I’ve made it to 500 😊 it’s taken me a while ...... I should imagine the next 500 is going to take me longer though 🙄
  10. Tony

    Air Traffic Control

    My air traffic controllers aren’t very good , some of my large planes go straight over my smaller ones sometimes 🙄
  11. Tony

    Awarded Another milestone

    Stars are all I fly for 🤷‍♂️
  12. Tony

    Helicopter Flights

  13. Tony

    Helicopter Flights

    Hi Not sure I am posting this in the right place but ...... I am approaching the end of helicopter flights ...... what a pain they are getting all the stuff together to make them My question is once you have finished and got all the stars available is there any point in keeping all the...
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