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  1. K

    Level 19 to 20

    I was actually level 17. I thought, not enough time so end up purchasing from GI. Then, I saw level 19 to 20 need 1070. I want to share with ppl still working on this task!
  2. K

    Level 19 to 20

    It will be difficult to achieve 1070 flask from level 19 to 20. I did purchased $0.99 from GI:oops:
  3. K

    So we pay to finish

    Yep, they knew from beginning that we cannot complete without purchasing something.
  4. K

    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    I used Lucky Tickets to get 50% more of flask which I did received this lucky tickets from previous event. It still seems hard to reach level 20. :(
  5. K

    Green QL

    I am interested, sent you a friend request!
  6. K

    Greeper 2nd Ql launched

    Would you please add me on your neighbor?
  7. K

    No more flights

    Thank you for your added!
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