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    Windows Reward for specific destination.

    Hi all,just a quick question regarding a reward received this morning. I opened my game,and amongst the usual bits a pieces I noticed a reward for ranking 80th to destination Iceland. I have been flying Eagle aircraft to Iceland to get hold of the crest item.I have not seen this award come up...
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    Windows Game resetting after shutting down.

    Hi all, Is anybody experiencing a similar problem to me. Yesterday morning I opened my game and collected funds and passengers from buildings.Started the daily challenge to get my workaholic set.Set the first wave of flights off and brought in some guests planes.I also sent off my gifts to...
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    Windows Thanks for the help and advice.

    Hi all. You may remember a couple of weeks ago,I asked for some advice regarding map flights and item drops. The original thread has vanished so I cannot go back to see the names of those who replied. Anyway I used the advice,I didn't have a sky captain initially.I did use Spy Glass and Golden...
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