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  1. DrB

    Alliance opening

    Hi there, One opening available on an active alliance. Anyone on here interested please message. DrBackJack Alliance MATS
  2. DrB

    Hi everyone

    New blood in here :)
  3. DrB

    2 member openings on alliance MATS - Level 4 - filled

    Hi Everyone, Alliance MATS reached level 4 tonight which means two more players can be added on the team ! If you would like to join up, please message. DrBackJack
  4. DrB

    Awarded 150 stars tonight

    Yay! One milestone done.
  5. DrB

    Looking for two active players for alliance *filled*

    Must be able to complete 2 alliance missions/week so we keep winning the 50% flights bonus. Alliance name is MATS and is level 3 close to level 4. Members are currently between level 40-50 and very active. If that is you, join up and have some fun. Two spots are open. DrBackJack
  6. DrB

    Private Alliance Alliance MATS

    Hi gang ! Hope to see some of you guys in here. DrBackJack
  7. DrB

    Airport City chat room ?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have a live chat room related to this game ? If so I'd like to participate. Thanks, DrBackJack - Alliance MATS
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