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  1. Nit Nit


    You need a map from the Interstellar Set Chest which is got from first place in a green space launch More info here https://www.airportcitygame.com/wiki/novosibirsk/
  2. Nit Nit

    General Premium Thoughts

    That's a very good point. And very clever by G!. Pay $5 to get cooler rewards, but pay $10 to get the coolest ones. It's not feasible to reach level 20 without paying for extra tickets, so forcing your hand to spend more. @PLMerry Its 100 ST, not 1000.
  3. Nit Nit

    General Adventure flight strategy: Aztec collection

    If its any help, I am taking the slow road and these are the numbers so far: I had only spy glass active. 27 flights to Tollan - 7 drops 29 flights to Tenochitlan - 7 drops I had done this because the spy glass was cheap from the event store. (good ol' days). I will probably change it up now...
  4. Nit Nit

    Update 7.23 preview

    Whooaaaa... No spoilers pls! :X3: I have to watch it the next weekend after the live coverage coz Sunday is a work day where I live.
  5. Nit Nit

    Daily offer

    Just be patient, they will come. You can read this thread for more info. https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/the-airport-city-bank-daily-discount-sale-items-on-offer-to-forum-members-v7-23-30.33377/
  6. Nit Nit

    General Anybody just sitting on gobs of unclaimed collections?

    I recall seeing a similar thread on this recently...prepare to drool..... https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/im-not-ready-for-this-journey.35346/ Edit...sorry...forgot to see the original post date!
  7. Nit Nit

    Update 7.23 preview

    Out on Android now...
  8. Nit Nit

    Android Screen Mirroring/Sharing

    ok, so I was facing more screen tearing and lag issues as the wifi network got more crowded. Even though both the phone and laptop need to be on same network, I tried connecting the phone to the laptop through the laptop's "mobile hotspot." And it works great...no screen tearing, no lag...
  9. Nit Nit

    Red Launch Captain WH Rollins Standard Launch Flight Closed

    Joined, hoping to keep 2/3.
  10. Nit Nit

    I'm not ready for this journey...

    Perfect timing on this thread! I was looking for info on the limit of number of items/collections. Looks like I have nothing to worry about with my meagre 100s of items....
  11. Nit Nit

    In need of neighbours with Planetariums and or Astronaut Academies

    You should check out this thread. https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/neighbors-with-planetarium-needed.18894/page-36#post-492133
  12. Nit Nit

    Red Launch Standard red 4/5 available - launched

    Launched. Thanks all for joining
  13. Nit Nit

    Red Launch Standard red 4/5 available - launched

    I will be hosting a standard red launch. It will be open at approx 11.15 UTC today. 1-2-3 is fixed but 4/5 will be available for approx 200/250 fuel each. Feel free to join.
  14. Nit Nit

    Age of Ash Strategy

    Oh wow, I did not know that! Thanks for the info :-)
  15. Nit Nit

    Age of Ash Strategy

    Really? How do you know?
  16. Nit Nit

    Age of Ash Strategy

    1. You can use free videos for the trees instead if you have jack hammers. 2. Flying to event destinations gives you stars. 3. The black building looks cool. I've got one institute of volcanology to sustain Jack hammer requirements. Now I'm planning to split my fleet - half on cold War...
  17. Nit Nit

    Helicopter Helicopter profitability

    Your secret is safe with us, we won't tell anyone :X3:
  18. Nit Nit

    7.21 Out on Android, IOS

    why bother speculating, que sera, sera.
  19. Nit Nit

    7.21 Out on Android, IOS

    ......[stares blankly]....
  20. Nit Nit

    7.21 Out on Android, IOS

    I am inclined to agree with @Towelie See screenshot I have on Android.
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