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  1. NavyBosun

    Red Launch Red launch initiated: Just Launched

    meant to join a launch, but hit wrong button. Oops, it happens. Any help would be appreciated. Friend Code is 041hm9n0. I try to launch or join a launch frequently. Thanks in advance.
  2. NavyBosun

    General City Arrangement.

    So with all the extra time I have, I am curious about the arrangements of your cities. Some are grouped nice and neat. Others are seemingly unorganized. I'm looking for opinions s of how to arrange thing. I'd also like pros and cons of each. I'm currently keeping things grouped together. But...
  3. NavyBosun

    Blue Launch Blue Launch

    Blue launch pending help. All are welcome and encouraged. I like launching a few times a week. Sometimes I launch green and sometimes blue. My friend code is 041hm9n0.
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