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  1. ppzz18

    private launch

    when I turn a launch into private, will it kick everyone inside or it will simply not letting more to enter?
  2. ppzz18

    Windows ads chance decrease significantly

    Does anyone have the same problem as me? Starting from yesterday, I can only watch 1 ad in each category. Instead of multiple times, I can only watch ads to speed up 1 plane, get 1 item, 1 excavation map... every day.
  3. ppzz18

    Plane for weekly alliance mission

    Which type of plane is suitable for flying the alliance mission? I don't want to spend the whole week at 3 destinations.
  4. ppzz18

    Green Launch Join in the green launch

    Green launch, 10 hour left. I mistakenly start this one, so please join to help: 20qi3l0h
  5. ppzz18

    Green Launch Just started a launch, anyone are welcome

    Join my launch. my friend code: 20qi3l0h
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