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  1. ppzz18

    Back to school progress experience needed for each level

    Theoretically, if you begin the event with 2 level 3 building and are constantly use ads to help you get the pass, you can barely finish it at day 10. So G! didn't lie about its possible to complete. It is simply not realistic. :oops:
  2. ppzz18

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Finally done!
  3. ppzz18

    Quick Launch party Saturday 28-08

    request sent
  4. ppzz18

    Windows Lost Crsnt1 game

    @crescent moon friend request send
  5. ppzz18

    It Came From Outer Space 2020 Award

    finally 🥳
  6. ppzz18

    The Airport City Bank Daily Discount Sale Items On Offer To Forum Members (v8.0.11)

    here's two more for you. For some reason, one of my accounts doesn't have special offers show up. Do you know why?
  7. ppzz18


    already send you a request
  8. ppzz18

    Green Launch QL Party

    just send you a request
  9. ppzz18

    private launch

    when I turn a launch into private, will it kick everyone inside or it will simply not letting more to enter?
  10. ppzz18

    Windows No Alliance Destinations?????

    I got the mission, but the wrong bonus was given:mad:. The bonus is supposed to only count 2 players, now it mistakenly add players joined during the middle of the week in too. this got our progress down a lot!
  11. ppzz18

    Windows No Alliance Destinations?????

    the mission shows up for few minutes, then it's gone...
  12. ppzz18

    Windows ads chance decrease significantly

    Does anyone have the same problem as me? Starting from yesterday, I can only watch 1 ad in each category. Instead of multiple times, I can only watch ads to speed up 1 plane, get 1 item, 1 excavation map... every day.
  13. ppzz18

    Plane for weekly alliance mission

    so owl and swift plane are the easiest to do?
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