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  1. Dave

    Cinemania 2019 - Award

    In preperation for the next quest, the Cinemania aware is ready and waiting! Please post a screenshot below when complete. Cinemania 2019 Award
  2. Dave

    The Land of Opportunity 2019 - Award

    The next award is all ready and waiting for those that complete The Land of Opportunity 2019. Just post your screenshot below once you have finished the event. You have one month after the even finishes to claim. Good luck everyone! The Land of Opportunity 2019 Award
  3. Dave

    Airport City 7 Beta Bug, Glitches and Errors

    Please use this part of the forum to highlight any bugs, glitches and errors you have noticed while playing Airport City 7 Beta. Please create a new thread for each bug you come across so it's easy to keep track of. Thanks
  4. Dave

    AC7 Discussion Airport City 7 Beta First Impressions

    What's everyones first impressions so far?
  5. Dave

    AC7 Discussion Airport City 7 (Google Play)

    Thanks to @Jay J who found this. Airport City 7 Beta is available on Google Play here > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameinsight.acbgp&hl=en This is seperate to the normal Airport City. Please post all chat regarding Airport City 7 Beta to this section of the forum to...
  6. Dave

    Server Maintenance 25th June 2019

    The maintenance will take place on Tuesday, 25th June at 11:30 UTC+2 in a time window of 60 minutes. The offtime of the server is expected to last no longer than 15 to 30 minutes. Just to let you know if you visit the forum tomorrow around that time and it's down. Thanks Dave
  7. Dave

    Quest Club Rules

    Please note, as from the 20th June 2019 we can only issue back dated awards for one month. This rule has been implemented due to new members, or returning members wishing to claim awards dating back to 2017. This can be in excess of 20 awards and is very time consuming to the forum team. We...
  8. Dave

    Emoji Support

    For those of you that use the forum on your tablet or mobile - AirportCityGame now supports emoji's. 😁😂🤔😘🌞😜🐅🦓🐐🐴😎😋🤩 and hundreds more! If it's on your device, it will work on the forurm!
  9. Dave

    Home Automation Gadgets

    Anyone else here into home automation? Slowly been working through the home and got the following: Phillips Hue lights and switches throughout Harmony to control entertainment 2 x Google Home mini
  10. Dave

    Down The Rabbit Hole 2019 - Maybe next year!

    Hardest challenge i've faced so far. Drop rates really poor, difficult to get knives. Finally completed a collection to get a plane, then need extra resources to build the hanger! Maybe 2020 will be the year for me to complete this one!
  11. Dave

    Rock The Sky 2019 - Award

    Not currently out as I post this, however very soon this event will arrive! New award ready and waiting for those that manage to complete it :D Rock The Sky 2019
  12. Dave

    What year did you start playing Airport City?

    Can't beat a little poll! Be interesting to see the results!
  13. Dave

    Thinking positive thread towards the 100 limit

    We've all see the negativity towards this, and I was pretty vocal in my dissapointment about it in 2007 when announced. However as we know it's coming for everyone and there is little we can do to stop it, I'm actually feeling quite positive towards it. I'm a hoarder on the game. I don't...
  14. Dave

    What phone are you currently using?

    Always interesting to find out what current phone people are using! I'm on the Samsung Galaxy S10+
  15. Dave

    Welcome to the new AirportCityGame!

    Afternoon everyone and thank you for bearing with me while I got everything ready! I hope you enjoy the new forum, it's not that different from the old one, just more modernised. A few new bits have been added:- - As you can see, we are running over https - So the forum is totally secure -...
  16. Dave

    How to Join the Star Club

    It's very easy to join the Airport City Star Club! Simply create a new thread in this section of the forum and make sure it shows a screenshot of how many stars you currently have! We have awards for the following: 150+ 350+ 500+ 600+ 700+ 800+ 900+ 1000+ 1100+ 1200+ 1300+ 1400+ 1500+ 1600+...
  17. Dave

    AirportCityGame.com is upgrading! (Not just yet though....)

    Afternoon flyers! Just to give you all a heads up. After moving to the new server nearly two weeks ago and no downtime or errors have occurred, I think it's safe to say it was a success! Now that's out the way, it's time to give the forum an upgrade and a lick of polish! It's been over four...
  18. Dave

    We're back and quicker then ever before!

    Good evening! After countless hours i'm so happy to say AirportCityGame is back and now running on a super fast server! I won't bore you with the details, but as you probably know it took a bit longer then expected to swap over. Whilst upgrading everything behind the scenes I was met by error...
  19. Dave

    Slow forum and downtime

    Morning all! I just wanted to apologise for the slowness of the forum recently and also the unexpected downtime some of you may have experience. The forum continues to grow and get busier and as such we have outgrown our hosting. Over the next week I shall be transferring the forum to what I...
  20. Dave

    General What is this item for flight?

    Can't seem to locate a name for it, anyone have any ideas?
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