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  1. Piksi

    Awarded 600 stars ⭐️

    took a while
  2. Piksi

    Windows Account suspended?

    Got home from work today to find out that my account was suspended for "violating terms of use." This is the third time that it happened and just like the first two times, I certainly did nothing to deserve it unless going to work counts. It is just not cool. Wouldn't be high volume of...
  3. Piksi

    Windows Alliance issue.

    I have 5 spots in my alliance. 4 are occupied but the tab shows 5/5. I have submitted 2 tickets to the tech support but never received any response. Does anyone know what is going on?
  4. Piksi

    Windows Loading issue

    Does anyone know what it means?
  5. Piksi

    First QL

    I have a QL and decent amount of fuel available. I was wondering how to get into a QL party. I have never done one before. If someone could help me get involved with one, explain potential rules etc... I would appreciate it. Regards
  6. Piksi

    Windows Lost my game

    Turned on my computer this morning and everything was reset to level 1. I was at level 60 with nicely developed city. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
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