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    Multiple launches within 24 hours question

    Hello, If I have just 1 green launch pad, and I have a successful launch from said green launch pad, am I able to have another launch from the same pad while I wait for the first launch to return (2 more green launches within 24 hours but without the use of Quantum Leap)?
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    General Adventure Map questions

    I have a few questions to ask about Adventure Maps. They are: Is it possible to have multiple Adventure maps active at the same time? Can I use a Sky Captain bonus to help with the drop rate for the items from the Adventure flights, muck like a Dice or Golden Dice? Does the Sky Captain and...
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    General alliance flight destenations stay on powerfull proppellerdriven planes 2months and counting

    I have had 2 powerful alliance missions and 1 jumbo every week for a while now, wonder when they will start including missions involving jets and turbo prop planes as I have those in my hangers...
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    Facebook Facebook --> Mac possible?

    Is it possible to transfer my airport/city from Facebook to the Airport City app on a Mac Computer?
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    Auction House function

    How about if you have an excess of an item you don't want but can't give to neighbors fast enough, you could sell them to other players? Let's say I am willing to part with Flight Catering x20. Using the Auction House, I could sell it to other players for gold, greenies or a combination of the...
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    Facebook need friends!!

    What would I need to do to add you as a neighbor? I am also a facebook player.
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    Facebook Looking for neighbors

    Crazy, I know :O . Level 53 now, 77 Stars. On a related topic, I am having trouble linking my Facebook account (and game) to my account here. How would I go about doing that?
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    Facebook Looking for neighbors

    Just joined the forums but I am at lvl 52. Would like to have some neighbors, it's tough to go at alone with no neighbors :O
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