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  1. J

    Android Guest House and free collection

    Prior to v7 on Android, when the timer hit 30 seconds, I was able to collect my 1 tourist for free. After the update, or tech update, that is no longer the case. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. J

    Does Weekly code apply to FB?

    Does the weekly code apply to FB? How would I enter that code?
  3. J

    Android No more auto fuel generation after tech update?

    After the tech update this morning, the timer above the fuel status is missing and the fuel is not increasing by 1 every minute. Is this a bug or has the fuel generation changed to only update when under the cap? Thanks
  4. J

    Changing flights

    Is there any penalty for changing a flight aside from having to use greenies after the first change? Is the destination random or can you specify the new location. I was originally tasked with flying to Bali, but I ran out of landing lights so I was flying to Turkish Islands for another task...
  5. J

    Flights within same plane type and drop rates

    Is there a difference in drop rate for destinations within the same plane type? For example Egypt and Cyprus. Forgetting the difference in coins and experience, is the drop rate and quality of items dropped different? Since I have achieved mastery in each destination, it seems it would make...
  6. J

    Max fuel and buildings that increase max fuel

    If this has been asked already, please delete and point me in the right direction. My question is what is the ultimate fuel level that can be achieved on the Android version, both in the current release and ver 7 when it comes out. Also, what is the general consensus on purchasing...
  7. J

    What does the axe do?

    I found by accident that if I tap several times over the forest, an axe will appear with an animation of chopping. Does this actually do anything or is it for fun? This is on Android.
  8. J

    Cloud Atlas

    I just wanted to give kudos to the dev team for their Cloud Atlas reference. Loved the movie.
  9. J

    Android Cannot link to Amazon

    If this question has been asked and answered, please let me know. Whenever I try to link to Amazon account, the app crashes. This will occur when pressing the button while the loading screen is visible or pressing the circular icon bottom right during the game. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5.
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