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    How do i get high explosive bolts?

    How do I get the high value items needed to complete a space launch. I have lots of the small value items but I cannot seem to get the large fuel and high explosive bolts.
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    Space suit

    It seems to take an age for for to collect the thermal garment for the space suit. Any tips?
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    Green Launch help needed

    I have joined a neighbour green launch Gargoyle1974, unfortunately they are going to make the target, can anyone help. 1 hour to go.
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    iOS neighbors are missing

    I have logged in today to find I only have 2 neighbors rather than the usual 300. Any ideas?
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    Alliance missions

    Hi I am in an alliance, what are the missions that are talked about and how do I access them.
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    Green Launch green space launch

    Green launch started, any help appreciated.
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    Green Launch green space launch

    Help please, I never seem to be able to complete mission. Only 20 min left any help appreciated 036n78s4
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    Green Launch green space launch

    Hi I'm new to this, but I have launched a space mission and need help, my missions always fail. Any help would be appreciated.
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