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  1. VitalaStolt

    World of Wildlife 2020 Award

    Done 🎉
  2. VitalaStolt

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Done 🤗
  3. VitalaStolt

    Update 7.24 is OUT!

    Android players, yesterday 😡😠😤Today 😏🙄🥴😴
  4. VitalaStolt

    Age of Ash 2020 Award

    Done 🤗
  5. VitalaStolt

    Rock The Sky 2020 Award

    Finished 🥳
  6. VitalaStolt

    It Came From Outer Space 2020 Award

    Finally, done 🥳
  7. VitalaStolt

    Down The Rabbit Hole 2020 Award

    Done 🤗🥳
  8. VitalaStolt

    Easter Cheer 2020 Award

    Finished 🥳
  9. VitalaStolt

    General Hackers and cloners now proceed with caution to not raise suspicions

    Right now, 1star,level 3,but currently 11th in platinum league! It's impossible 🤨😠
  10. VitalaStolt

    Helicopter 2nd Helicopter Terminal disappeared

    The same, 2nd gone, dropped from 100 to 50 🤷‍♂️
  11. VitalaStolt

    Dragon Rising 2020 Award

    Finished 🤗
  12. VitalaStolt

    Time to Rock 2020 Award

    Finished 🥳
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