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ZCC fuel ring

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Blue Jay, 10 May 2018.

  1. And then there were 8, 8 spaces left
  2. @Blue Jay i have an extra account on level 8 and working on it to lvl10.Im interesting join your ring,please let me know if I can join.Thanks.:)
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  3. @nick6901 welcome aboard, i will add you to the thread now
  4. Places being taken fast, only 6 places left. Book early!!
  5. 5 places remaining. Any level of player is welcome to join, just 2 minutes work a day yields 400 free fuel. Long standing or new players just drop me a line.
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  6. 4 places now remaining
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  7. So spaces still available if people want free fuel, 15 gifts of fuel20 already being received by the current group, come join the party
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  8. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member

    Yes, @Blue Jay is right, come on !
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  9. Hey @Blue Jay please include me. Thanks.
  10. Il will add you to the thread now
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  11. Thank you! (y)
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  12. You should have access to the Area 51 thread now. Instructions are in your welcome aboard post :)
  13. I don’t see a ZCC thread in Area 51.
  14. You Dont have access at the moment. @Blue Jay youll have to try again!
  15. Okay, I’ll keep checking.
  16. XonCrz010

    XonCrz010 New Member

    I am interested but new to fuel rings. Still have a spot?
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  17. I have added you again @Capt.S . Not sure what happened (cant see a cancel button i could have hit - like i do in my day job lol)
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  18. Hi @XonCrz010 , yes we still have spaces available. Have you got a seperate spare account or about to set one up ??
  19. XonCrz010

    XonCrz010 New Member

    I do not but I can. Since there's not a log in when you open the game on the app, how do you switch accounts?
  20. Don't think you can have 2 games on the same account. If you are windows you need to open a 2nd account. If you are android, you need a new game in a separate gmail account

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