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Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Blue Jay, 10 May 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I have just created a new fuel ring. We currently have 5 members that were all waiting on the waiting list and we decided to start up a new one instead of waiting for 5 individual spaces to appear.
    We thus have 15 spaces available waiting to be filled with instant access for the first 15 responders.

    Looking forward to working with you

  2. No problem. Please remove yourselves from the waiting list, as you are no longer waiting!
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  3. @Madegwen59 Some of the guys still want to stay on the waiting list as they have other accounts awaiting a vacancy. I had already asked them that question
  4. Ok, just checking as at the moment they are all there like before! So some is all. No problem.
  5. 3 of the 5 have replied so far with what i said above. Still waiting to hear from 2. If they only have one account i will remove them from the list (as described in the notes on the spreadsheet)
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  6. I can join tomorrow (now have to go to bed :sleep: ), another level 10 account is ready :)
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  7. Great stuff, i am not around much for the rest of the day and will be late in saturday evening. so i will add you to the forum thread so you can add you details to the spreadsheet. Welcome aboard
    Last edited: 11 May 2018
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  8. Welcome!
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  10. I have dropped him a message
  11. Zahid Hassan Tushar

    Zahid Hassan Tushar Active Member

    ZHT Fuel 20

    @Blue Jay
    I want to join the ring. I have support account. Support account level 10.

    Thank you for the offer.
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  12. Added you to the Area 51 post for the group, instructions are in there for you to follow. Welcome aboard
  13. 12 spaces remaining in the ZCC fuel ring. Post here or PM me if you wish to join and have a spare account or are about to start a new one.
  14. 10 places remaining now
  15. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member


    Hi @Blue Jay !

    I would like to join your fuel ring ! I have no level 10 account yet, but i am working on it ! Would it be ok ?
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  16. I will add you to the thread, just send fuel catalyst until you get to level 10 that will be fine.
  17. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member

    Super :D ! thank you !

    OK, I will do it :D !
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  18. 9 spots remaining, 2 minutes work a day to obtain 400 fuel a day.
  19. Just created a new F20 which is currently at Level 6, would be interested in joining if the still room when I get to Level 10.
  20. Not a problem, you can join today if you like, just send fuel catalyst til you get to lvl 10. I will add you to the thread
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