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How To Design Your Signature Page and How To Post To The Members Forum (v4)

Discussion in 'Airport City Guides' started by Captain WH Rollins, 18 April 2017.

  1. Captain WH Rollins

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    Captain WH Rollins
    How To Design Your Signature Page and How To Post To The Members Forum
    I have created this user guide to give assistance to those of you who are new to the game of Airport City, have recently signed up to the members forum, and are designing your signature page for the first time. The user guide exists in two parts, the first section deals with How To Design Your Signatue Page, and the second section deals with How To Post To The Members Forum.

    I can not emphasis enough how extremely important your signature page is to your game, it is in your interest to set one up, as soon as you join the members forum. Without a signature page your neighbours will not know what your gift needs are, with regards to upgrading the four main buildings within your game e.g. Repair Base (levels 1-7), Control Tower (levels 1-11), Town Hall (levels 1-11) and Terminal (levels 1-11). Also, gift items you will need during your game play e.g. fuel, fuel catalyst and the broad spectrum of flight items needed for your fleet of planes. It is also important your neighbours know the type of gift items you are able to gift them in-return.

    Do not be put off by the amount of time it may take you to set it up your signature page, in the long run it will be well worth it. Once your signature page is set-up, it will be important to keep it up to-date, which should not take too long to do so.

    This is the 4th version of this user guide and by far the most detailed user guide to date, with two main sections and with multiple themed headings. The first section deals with designing your signature page, while the second section deals with posting to the members forum.

    Section One: How To Design Your Signatue Page
    Signature Page Text Format
    Your Font and Font Size
    Using Bold, Underline, Italic
    Signature Page Layout
    Selecting Your Colours
    Updating Your Signature Page

    Additional Signature Page Information
    User Click Blue Buttons
    How To Create A User Click Blue Button

    Upgrading Your Standard Buildings
    Upgrading Other Buildings
    Keeping It Brief
    Signature Page In Sections
    Game Name and User Name
    Your Friends Code
    Multiple Game Accounts

    Section Two: How To Post To The Members Forum

    Edit Before Posting
    Posting In The Right Place
    Using Paragraphs
    Using Abbreviations
    Using Avatar Pictures
    Using Face Characters
    Scrolling Through Member's Post's
    Presenting Your Work

    Section One: How To Design Your Signatue Page
    Although it is your signature page, you are designing it for other forum members to read, so what may work for you may not neccessarily work for other forum members. You should therefore try and make your signature page as accessible as possible to as many forum members as possible.

    Before you begin I would suggest you spend sometime looking at forum members signatures. This is a good place to start, since it affords you the opportunity to see how members have designed their signatures. There are many excellent page design examples with differing styles, which you could look at, ideas which you could include and/or adapt for use in your own signature page.

    Signature Page Text Format - when it comes to the inputting of text 'left justification' is always best. Do not be tempted to indent and/or centre your text, this makes reading the information, from left to right, difficult as you move your eyes across your signature page. It is very easy to miss the next line when your text is not 'left justified'.

    Your Font and Font Size - when selecting your font and font size, select one which is clean and crisp e.g. Ariel, Times Roman or Verdana. As for the font size I would suggest 3 or 4 (less than 3 your text will be small to read and more than 4 your text will be large to read). It will also effect your signature page size, which may be a problem for those forum members who use smaller screen size gaming devices.

    Using Bold, Underline, Italic - using these basic formatting features can help enhance your signature page, but I would suggest you use them sparingly.

    Signature Page Layout - good spacing in your signature page is important, it helps forum members read the information far more easily, but do be careful, it can also increase your signature page size, which may be a problem for members using smaller screen devices.

    Selecting Your Colours - when it comes to using colours the saying, 'less is more' is very true. Try and resist the temptation to use too many colours. I would suggest using three to four colours, of your choice, colours which will compliment each other. It is also important to remember the background colour, of your signature page, will be white, so dark colours work best, your text will stand out better and will be far easier to read.

    Updating Your Signature Page - it is important you keep your signature page upto date, so it accurately reflects your needs, gifts you are able to send to your neighbours, gifts you want from your neighbours, unique gifts you need to upgrade your buildings, device information, operating system information, your game level status, your star skills status and your hearts level status. I would suggest you also add the date of when you last updated your signature page.

    Additional Signature Page Information - some forum members also include details of buildings they have in their game or if they are a member of an alliance group. This type of information is optional and very much up to you.

    User Click Blue Buttons - s
    ome forum members have a number of blue click buttons, located towards the bottom of their signature page, each displaying information when opened e.g. gift items needed from neighbours, items giftable to neighbours, support account information and future building needs (these buttons close when clicked on a second time). They are a good way of helping to keep your signature page small and you may wish to consider using them.

    How To Create A User Click Blue Button - to create a click button you will need to select the '+' button (this is located along the top row, above where you normally type in your post, it is the 18th icon across from the left). Once selected, you will then be presented with a small drop down menu, with three options, you will need to select the second option labelled 'spoiler'. You will then be asked to type in a 'spoiler title' (this is optional, however the title will be an indicator of the button's content). Once you have made you decision, you will then need to type in your text (make sure your text sits between both the created spoiler tags). Once you have finished typing in your text, you will need to click on the save changes button. To edit a user blue button, you will need to go to your signature page, make the neccessary changes, and then click on the 'save changes' button.

    Upgrading Your Standard Buildings - you will need to list your requirements, not just your current gaming needs, but also your future needs with regards to upgrading your Terminal (levels 1 to 11), Town Hall (levels 1 to 11), Repair Base (levels 1 to 7) and Control Tower (levels 1 to 11). These are the four main buildings, in your game, and the level you are on will determine the maximum placements for each building e.g. number of passengers, number of residents, number of repair planes and number of hangars and planes.

    I would suggest you list at least three levels for each building and the gift items needed to complete and make solid each structure. In this way, you will begin to collect the items needed and have them ready by the time you have the financial resources to begin the upgrading process. This way, you will find the transition, from one building level to the next building level, far more fluid a process. A great deal of game time can be saved in this way by planning ahead several moves.

    The following link will take you to the Airport City wiki website where you can search for each building and the associated items http://airportcity.wikia.com/wiki/Airport_City_Wiki
    You can also find the information within your game, in the store, under additional information.

    Upgrading Other Buildings - it will not be possible, or even practical, to list every upgradable building which will be available to you as you progress through the levels, since your game play style and how you intend to grow and develop your game site will determine what type of buildings you will need.

    Keeping It Brief - the more information you have in your signature page the longer it will become and the more scrolling will be needed, which may be off-putting for some forum members. It is important to remember, not all forum members use computers and laptops with large screens. Some members use gaming devices with much smaller screen sizes and will have much further to scroll.

    Signature Page In Sections - using single and/or double lines to divide your signature page into sections, helps to make it more readable, especially if a forum member has more than one game account. By all means use single and/or double lines but I would suggest you use them sparingly.

    Game Name and User Name - it will make life easier all round if your game name and your user name are the same. It means forum members will be able to find your signature page, and gift items that you need to help you progress your game. If you are difficult to find, it may well have an effect on the number of gifts that you receive, which is something you want to avoid from happening.

    Your Friends Code - it is a good idea to keep a tight control over who types in your friends code. I would suggest you do not display your friends code in your signature page. Instead, request a PM to be sent to you, if a flyer wishes to become a neighbour. This way you can search for them and make sure they are a member of the forum, before excepting them. This is a common practice among many forum members and I would suggest you do the same.

    Multiple Game Accounts - there are many forum members who have at least one support account (some members have two or more) which they use for gifting additional fuel, gifting passengers, gifting unique building items and for space launches. If you are planning on creating a support account, you will need to keep this in mind when designing your signature page.

    Section Two: How To Post To The Members Forum
    The members forum is divided into seven main sections (Airport City, Airport City Collections, Airport City Trading, Helicopters, Airport City Space Launches, Airport City Alliances and Airport Lounge) and each main section is divided into multipe sub-headings.

    Posting your message on the members forum is relatively straight forward, but do be careful to post in the right place. The following sub-headings are things for you to think about as you compose and prepare to post.

    Edit Before Posting - make sure you get into the habit of checking your work before posting to the members forum. This way you will avoid possible mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar which never looks good. Also, give yourself time to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. This only applies with large bodies of text. If your posting a brief message, a single line of text, these rules will not apply.

    Posting In The Right Place - it is important you post your message in the right place, so forum members read and respond accordingly. You can achieve this by familiarise yourself with the members forum, with it's six main themed section's and multiple themed sub-headings.

    Using Paragraphs - a very large block of text will make reading difficult and may be off-putting to your readers. I would suggest you devide your text into two or more paragraphs, far easier to read when in sections. Since your posting on the members forum you obviously want members to read you post's and respond to them. If it's difficult to read and make sense of, members may well just scroll past.

    Using Abbreviations - try to avoid using mobile phone text speak, where you shorten a word to just one letter, when posting on the members forum. While it may reduce your key strokes and speed up communication with likeminded text speak users, it may not work so well for those forum members who are not familiar with this form of shorten communication.

    Using Avatar Pictures - I would suggest you add a picture to your avatar rather than leave your picture box blank. It will make your avatar unique to you and help you stand apart from other forum members. It will also make it easier to find your post's, using your picture as a point of referrence, rather than trying to find you by your game name, especially when scrolling through multiple pages of post's belonging to many forum members.

    Using Face Characters - while it may be fun to use these face characters in your post's, as a way of expressing yourself, try and keep them to a minimum. Too many of them will interupt your readers flow and, if your post is peppered with multiple faces throughout the body text, it will make it difficult to read. I would suggest a good place to use them is at the beginning and/or at the end.

    Scrolling Through Member's Post's - it is very easy to miss information when using a mouse wheel to scroll through pages of members post's, more so if your signature font is on the small size. You can help prevent this by using a good size font, allowing your readers to read quickly and easily.

    Presenting Your Work -
    whether your designing your signature page or posting to the members forum, the way your work looks and reads is important, it will say something about you. Over a period of time forum members will form an opinion, as to the type of person you are, based on your post's, your writing style and your signature page. So, make a good job of it, take pride in your written work, because it will be stored on the server for a long time to come.

    Last Updated: Wednesday 21st Novemberr 2018 at 14.55pm London UK Time
    Last edited: 21 November 2018
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  2. Gt city

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  3. Nice one Captain.
  4. Wasted Eagle

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    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    Just waiting on the part where our very loved @Captain WH Rollins talks about liking posts. :sneaky: You know, just to show you're fond of one's post or to show concurrence with the poster's opinion or to pay respect to the accomplishment the poster posts about or what have you... :whistle:
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  5. I have noticed more and more people using the spoiler tag to keep their signature from not being huge. I've thought about it myself. The thing that has kept me from it is people being able to search a page to possibly find someone with an item they need. Using the web browser search can't see inside the spoiler tags unless they are already expanded. I'm guessing the forum search wouldn't find it either. What are folks thoughts on that?
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  6. Fencat

    Fencat 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Browser search not working is a valid point but forum search don't work in signatures at all spoiler or not so for that one it doesn't matter ;)

    I just hate the huge signatures myself so I use spoilers to make it as small as possible. A bit more work searching I admit but I rather click an extra time the rare times I need to search then having to scroll through all that extra text every time. But Yea that's only my view :)
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  7. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

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    Captain WH Rollins
    @Waterman981 and @Fencat - my thanks to the both of you for speaking of this, I have been thinking about these blue click buttons for a while and plan to add an entry in the user guide, just a question of finding some time to do so.

    Captain WH Rollins
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  8. KNJM17

    KNJM17 Member

    Hello guys, I'm new to forum. I have just been updating my sig with this guide, however, i cant figure out how to do the "Click Boxes" you are talking about? Can anyone guide me to that? :)

    Kind Regards, Kris
  9. I think you may be speaking of the spoilers...like in my signature below? Click on them for more info...
  10. KNJM17

    KNJM17 Member

    Yes yes, the spoilers, i understand that i need to click on them to see what they hide, but i dont know how to make them in my own signature :)
  11. BD71F792-0CBE-47BF-A47B-2C9C833CE967.jpeg Click on the plus button and then spoiler.
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  12. KNJM17

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    Thank you @JayBee , i like my sig low-profile, its much better now :)
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  13. harry singh

    harry singh Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Thank you for creating this post, a lot of member's signature is almost long enough to scroll 2-3 times over the browser window, maybe this will help. Too many colors makes it too tacky for the flow of text, I have realized that highlighting the keyword makes the best out of a sentence.
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  14. I agree...Some are entirely too long and with all the colors, etc...I can’t focus and just try to bypass as quickly as possible...but sometimes it’s a never ending scroll to get to the next post.
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  15. Bigglesbaz

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  16. Captain WH Rollins

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    Captain WH Rollins
    Just a general editing of both sections of the user guide was required here, have also re-written the first fews paragraphs of the introduction section, it now reads much better.

    Captain WH Rollins
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  17. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    Following on from yesterday's editing, I have written and inserted a new section into the user guide - How To Create A User Click Blue Button - this explains how to set up a click button in your signature page.

    Captain WH Rollins
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  18. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    @Spooksue - hello again, when you have some time do make sure you set up your signature page, so your neighbours will know what gift items you need for the four main buildings within your game. Also, what gift items you are able to gift to your neighbours in return.

    At the top of this thread, the user guide Designing Your Signature Page and Posting To The Members Forum (v4) will help you.

    Captain WH Rollins
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