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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get green Airport Cash?

How do I get skill stars and why do I need them?

Skill stars mark your success in completing each particular flight. After a specific number of flights you'll receive a star and a corresponding title:
- one star - Specialist;
- two stars - Master;
- three stars - Expert.
Each star also grants an additional reward to you, and their sum total opens new flights that become available to you.

How do I know how many flights I need to take to get the next skill star?

Open the Flights menu and find the flight you'd like to learn about. Then tap the flight picture in the shape of the post stamp. In the pop up window you will see the information on the number of flights you need to take to get the skill stars.

How do I launch a rocket?

In order to launch a spaceship please follow these instructions:
1. Tap the Launch Pad. A Launch Preparation window will pop up. On this stage you are required to assemble special collections. You can find these items from flights to Cape Canaveral and Baikonur, or by visiting space buildings of your neighbours.

2. As soon as the collections are assembled, tap Complete. A Space Program window will pop up. If any of your friends has an ongoing space program, you will see their avatars in the Space Program window. You can join one of your friends. In order to do this please tap his avatar, then tap Join. If there are no neighbours with space programs active, you can start your own program and then invite one of your friends to join you.

3. Tap Start a new one. A Spaceship Launch window will pop up. Here you can see the resources required to launch your spaceship. You should buy them for coins or Airpot Cash until the bar at the left edge of the Spaceship Launch window is full. Please keep in mind that the higher is the price of the item the more resources you get. To make the process faster, you can invite your friends to join and help you: tap Add a friend at the bottom of the Spaceship Launch window. You have 24 hours to collect the items!

4. When you tap a button to buy resources you can see that a counter starts. It indicates the time required to get this type of a resource. Buy them until you get the Congratulations window. Here please tap Start! Now your ship is out to the space!

5. In 24 hours the spaceship returns. Find the lander somewhere around your airport and collect the reward.

How do I move a building to the Warehouse?

Game buildings can only be sold or moved. In case you receive a bonus building it will appear in the Warehouse.

How do I move an item?

If you want to move an item tap the blue arrow icon on the lower toolbar and actions menu will open. Then press the green arrows icon, choose an item on the map to move it and confirm your action.

How do I play?

The objective of Airport City is to build and develop your own airport, including its adjacent city. Note that the territory under your control is divided in two sections: one (upper left-hand corner) for city development, i.e. mainly residential and commercial buildings, and the other (bottom right-hand corner) for airport structures - terminals, runways, hangars and so on. You cannot build a residential building or a store on the airport territory; likewise, you cannot build a runway within the city limits. Though the city and the airport are technically separated, they remain closely interconnected. From the airport you can send planes all over the world, while the city will fill the planes with passengers, and also yield the money necessary to buy new planes and cover other expenses.

How do I remove a hangar or a runway?

Press the blue arrow icon on the lower toolbar and an actions menu will open. Tap the gold piggy bank icon, and then press a building, runway or road to sell it. Confirm your sale. Note that you cannot sell a Hangar with a plane parked inside it, or if the plane that's normally parked there is in flight. To sell the Hangar you must first sell the plane.

How do I sell a plane?

Open the Warehouse (box icon on the lower toolbar) and go to the tab with planes. You'll see the statuses of the planes next to them (in flight, broken, etc.). You can only sell working planes that are in the hangars. Once you've settled on a plane, select it and press Sell.

How do I sell my Duty Free shop?

This is the game feature that such buildings as duty free shop, control tower, town hall, fuel station and repair base cannot be sold as they are essential elements of your Airport City.

How do I send a gift?

To send a gift please, tap the Gift button in the bottom menu → choose a gift and a friend you want to send it. You can also send a gift through the Neighbors menu. To open the Neighbors menu tap the Sociality button (the button with 3 people in the bottom menu) → another button with 3 people. To send a gift choose the Neighbors tab → tap Send a Gift and choose a gift. Please, note that you can send 20 free gifts a day and you can't send more than 1 free gift to each neighbor per day.

How do I send a plane on a flight?

Open the flight menu (plane icon on the lower toolbar) and you'll see a list of places you can send your planes to. Each flight is suited to a particular type of plane, and no other planes can do it. Furthermore, each flight requires a specific number of passengers (suitcase icon) and fuel (barrel icon), and certain flights require additional items. If you have the right plane, the right number of passengers and fuel, as well as the required items, press the Fly button. Your plane will automatically appear on the right runway. You then need to tap it several more times to fuel it, board it and signal it to take off.

How do I transfer my game to a new Android device?

You have a few options in how you can transfer your game to a new Android device.

1) You can contact Game Insight and ask them to do it for you. They will require a variety of details, such as your friend code and old and new device information.

2) You can use a free app from the Google Play store called Helium. This app does not require your devices to be rooted and will simply backup the game to your computer, and then transfer it to your computer to your new device.

3) If both of your devices are rooted, you can make a backup of the game and the data using a program such as Titanium Backup or MyBackUpPro. Once backed up, simply restore onto your new device.

How do I transfer my game to a new iOS device

How do I turn a runway?

There is no opportunity to turn a runway in your airport.

How do I upgrade my Control Tower?

To upgrade the Control Tower tap it in your Airport City and the game will offer you to upgrade the building.

How many buildings of the same kind can I construct?

The limit for the number of buildings of the same kind is 6.

How many friends can I add?

The maximum number of players you can add using the random neighbors list is 500. The amount of players you can add using their friend codes is unlimited. Please, note that you can redeem only 5 friend codes a day.

How many neighbors can I visit a day to help them?

The number of neighbors you can visit a day to collect items and help them depends on your reputation level. Starting from the first level you can visit 4 neighbors a day and you can sponsor them once in 24 hours. You can increase your reputation level to get an opportunity to visit more neighbors by helping them. Each level-up in your reputation adds one neighbor to the amount of friends you can visit. At present the maximum reputation level is the 9th one.

How many presents can I send?

You can send up to 20 free presents a day. Please, note that you can't send more than 1 free gift to each neighbour per day.
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