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Miscellaneous questions and answers

How can I play Airport City on my PC?

How can I set my personal avatar?

Your personal avatar will appear in the game as soon as you install Facebook application on the device and log in there.

How can I turn off the notifications?

There is no options to turn off notifications at the moment.

How do I get skill stars and why do I need them?

Skill stars mark your success in completing each particular flight. After a specific number of flights you'll receive a star and a corresponding title:
- one star - Specialist;
- two stars - Master;
- three stars - Expert.
Each star also grants an additional reward to you, and their sum total opens new flights that become available to you.

How do I move an item?

If you want to move an item tap the blue arrow icon on the lower toolbar and actions menu will open. Then press the green arrows icon, choose an item on the map to move it and confirm your action.

How do I play?

The objective of Airport City is to build and develop your own airport, including its adjacent city. Note that the territory under your control is divided in two sections: one (upper left-hand corner) for city development, i.e. mainly residential and commercial buildings, and the other (bottom right-hand corner) for airport structures - terminals, runways, hangars and so on. You cannot build a residential building or a store on the airport territory; likewise, you cannot build a runway within the city limits. Though the city and the airport are technically separated, they remain closely interconnected. From the airport you can send planes all over the world, while the city will fill the planes with passengers, and also yield the money necessary to buy new planes and cover other expenses.

How to stop sending messages to Facebook/Twitter?

To stop posting your achievements to Facebook and Twitter uncheck the post to Facebook and Twitter boxes in the window which pops up when you level up or get an achievement.

I deleted my friend's invitation/my friend. Can I add him/her again?

Each code can be input only once and if you removed your friend from your friends' list or your invitation to become friends was cancelled you can't add the same friend code again. In this case you can ask to enter your friend code or wait until the player appears in the list of players which you can add (the list is formed randomly).

Is there anything I can do to avoid being blocked for time cheating?

Please make sure you do the following:
1. Set the correct time zone using your device settings.
2. Turn on the option that’s arranges time settings automatically. In case the option is unavailable set date and time manually.
In case your game is blocked, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

What are the exclusive gifts and how are they different from the regular ones?

The exclusive Facebook gifts are the gifts you can send to those players with whom you are friends on Facebook. They can accept them either in the Free to Fly game (the game version for Facebook) or in the mobile version of the application in case the game account is linked to Facebook. The main difference between the regular gifts and the Facebook exclusive gifts is that the exclusive gifts can be accepted both in the Free to Fly game and in the mobile version of Airport City. The other important thing is that they can also be sent both form the Free to Fly game and from the mobile version too.

What do figures in the upper left corner mean?

Your level is shown on the blue cap at the experience bar. The figures at the star indicate the total amount of stars you have. To the right of the experience bar you can find your fuel supply and the number passengers. The first blue field in the upper left corner shows your population maximum and the second one - electricity points maximum.

What is the maximum amount of oil/gas I can have?

The maximum amount of fuel depends on your current game level. Its maximum that you can have is 90 points.

Where can I find my game version?

To find your game version go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → Airport City. You will see the game version in the application info.

Where do I begin?

Starting the game for the first time, you were greeted by a stewardess named Jane, who explained the basics of the game and helped you build the most essential structures. Simply continue to complete her tasks, as well as the tasks given by other characters. Look for quest icons on the left part of the screen.

Where do I get fuel?

The maximum limit of fuel in your Airport increases with each level. 1 point of fuel is automatically restored every three minutes. You can instantly restock your supply of fuel by buying it at the Store or ordering in the Fuel Station.
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