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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I accelerate flights?

Any flight can be accelerated for additional fuel. Simply open the window of current flights and tap the option Accelerate for X fuel. Then the plane will instantly return from its flight and appear on the runway.

Can I build two Сontrol Towers, two Terminals, two Flight Schools and two City Halls?

A Control Tower, a Terminal, a Flight School and a City Hall are unique buildings. There can be only one building of each kind in your Airport City.

Flight to Rio doesn't bring any upgrade parts for level 3 Fuel Station. Why?

This is a game feature that necessary items for upgrading a Fuel Station to level 3 start dropping after you get the corresponding quest. To get it you need to complete the previous quest that asks to upgrade your Fuel Station to level 2 and get some items. Both tasks are given by the engineer.

From what flight can I get the Fuel Supply to fly to San Francisco?

You can get the Fuel Supply from the flight to Thailand.

From what flight can I get the landing lamp to fly to Bali island?

The Landing Lamp can be obtained from the flight to the Turkish Coast.

How can I earn more coins?

You can earn coins in the following ways:
- collect profits from flights;
- collect profits from residential and commercial buildings in your Airport and at your neighbour cities;
- redeem friend codes (each friend code gives 100 coins and you can redeem up to 5 codes a day). You can find friend codes on our official page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AirportCityOfficialPage;
- redeem gift codes published on Facebook (the link above) and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gi_mobile;
- publish your friend code on Facebook and get a bonus each time your code is redeemed;
- buy coins in the Bank.

How can I find my friend code?

To see your friend code please, tap the Sociality button (the button with 3 people in the bottom menu) → another button with 3 people → Friend Codes and you will see your friend code.

How can I open a special building if the event is over?

In case you didn't manage to open a special building during the corresponding event you can buy the required items for Airport Cash, or delete the building using the Tools button in the bottom menu.

How can I perform flights to Nagoya, Miami, Alexandria, Puerto Rico and Sacramento?

To get the destinations under question available you should activate the flight maps that can be received from the chest. This box itself can be obtained for the rocket launch performed with your neighbours from the second launch pad. Please, note that you should take the first place in the rating among the participants.

How can I play Airport City on my PC?

How can I redeem a friend or promo code?

To enter a friend or promo code please, tap the Sociality button (the button with 3 people in the bottom menu) → another button with 3 people → the Friend Codes tab and enter the code.

How can I set my personal avatar?

Your personal avatar will appear in the game as soon as you install Facebook application on the device and log in there.

How can I turn off the notifications?

There is no options to turn off notifications at the moment.

How can I use the flying accelerator in the game?

To use the flying accelerator you need to open the Flights menu in the game (press button with a plane depicted in the lower left corner of the game window and choose the Flights tab). When a plane is in a flight its symbol is shown under the arrow that stands for the way duration. At a certain period of time it is highlighted with a green colour. At this moment you should press the arrow and choose the accelerator.

How do I add friends?

You can add friends and check your friends list in the Neighbors menu. To open the Neighbors menu tap the Sociality button (the button with 3 people in the bottom menu) → another button with 3 people. You can add friends in the following ways:
1. To add a random player open the first tab → press the confirmation button. When the invitation is sent the chosen players go the the waiting list (the second tab) until they accept your invitation.
2. To add a certain person open the friend codes tab and enter your friend's code. Please, note that you can redeem only 5 codes a day.

How do I buy a plane?

The first thing you need is an empty Hangar (of any kind). Tap it to open the plane-buying tab in the Store. Once there, select the plane you need from those available at your level and press Buy. Keep in mind that only one plane can be kept in one hangar.

How do I get all the items to open a Hotel?

Items required to open a Hotel can be obtained from your friends. The thing is that each player has only one of the four items in the list of gifts which can be sent to other players. The more friends you have, the higher is the chance to get all items needed.
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